Concordus is responding to a desperate global need for a patient/provider centered communication model that is simple, safe and inexpensive. Our services and products securely connect the healthcare community with effective workplace communication. As consumer trends and demands exponentially expand the healthcare paradigm, a pro-active automated communications model is the key component to drive patient satisfaction and loyalty. Concordus is at the forefront of this communication evolution, providing multi-channel provider-to-patient, health company-to-patient, and provider-to-provider communications. We offer a diversity of channels from telephony to broadband to patient portals all incorporating patient channel preferences. Monitoring of your communications performance and activity is provided via comprehensive real-time analysis and reporting tools.

A simply revolutionary approach

By simply connecting patients and providers with their insurers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, providers, labs etc., we are enabling efficient communication for all. We are passionately focused on simplifying healthcare communication.

What sets us apart

In addition to our robust communication technology platform, Concordus incorporates a unique and compelling business model for all communication services. This translates into only paying for what you use. This "utility model" allows our clients' to incorporate Concordus solutions with little to no impact on internal IT resources, budgets or other priorities.

Standard services for patients and practitioners offices are free and always will be.

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